What Website Builder Should I Use?
Many times we think the website is the best way to build outreach and communication, but we usually stop at spending thousands, complete the website, and think we're done. The mindset of "Build it and they will come" is an out of date philosophy that leaves the visitor wondering aimlessly on your site questioning where they should go.

But isn't this your business?  You're the expert so help people along with the information you want to share by creating a informational sales process we call funnels.
Don't Know What Is A Funnel? And Like To Learn More?

While I've used every website builder imaginable over the years, I see the pro and cons to many but decided on one website builder. 
One that focuses on a building a sales process from A-Z. Whether your a local business or an online business, everyone has a sales cycle...even McDonald's has a "sales funnel" with built in step they hope you as you go up their value ladder...What's A Value Ladder?

Most website builder help you with one objective. Wordpress is a great way to distribute your blog content, but it was hard to customize and taylor for a specific look and feel without paying thousands of dollars for a developer.
Then what happens when you want to tweak something on your website.  I've added the wrong plugin to help with SEO optimization and lost my whole site as the programming language did not cooperate with my new plugin.  And most importantly let's not mention time.  Saving time as a business owner is more valuable asset that seems to be always fleeing. 

A great benefit from using Click Funnels is the ability to share funnels with people you know or people who maybe want to help you take your business to the next level and allow you to literally use their template for your website called a share funnel.

Take the example of a Dentist, who may offer a free teeth cleaning to get you into the door...see What's Your Bait? (cost say $50) now they you've agreed to get your teeth cleaned they will ascend you along their "sales" cycle.  So it's important to have a way to capture leads and create a visual draw to ultimately help people while getting you more customers.
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