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What's Your Bait...
How Much Are You Willing To Pay To Acquire A Customer?
So I talked about a number things of regards to your business and the introductory offer for your business it's going to be part of your actual value ladder see article what's your value ladder. The debate is something that may seem to have a negative emotion attached to it. But the reality is...what is your of lost leader or an item that you're willing to give it a discount? How much would you pay for someone to walk through your front door to raise their hand and say they're interested in your products in your services?
See article what's your sales process.

If you're a car mechanic, who's willing to give a discount..maybe an oil change or maybe you're a beautician who's prepared to give a free trim with the color set or whatever it is that you're willing to put together. Put together a package that has a dollar value associated with your services. 

And the question you should be asking yourself is: How much am I willing to pay to get one customer? Introducing someone to your sale cycle to become a reoccurring customer, patient, client, or somebody who's going to want to my services someone who's going to refer others to your services possibly.

Sometimes people will give away a free service, a free personal training session, free dental cleaning, or a free consultation to allow people a chance to get to know you. You want to build trust so people can trust your ability to handle the problem that they're facing and looking for a solution where you are readily available to help them. So when you think of "Bait" think of the more lines of what is something that I'm willing to donate or give for someone to get introduced to your sales cycle. 

So when you think about, it's just not a gimmicky term or a slick salesman style process, but you're trying to introduce people to you by actually giving them a product and service that they want, at a discounted price for them to become part of your business system and sales process.

A lot of companies will use a system like Groupon to create their "bait" maybe using a buy one get one free or discounted price. If you're using a big system like a Groupon, or discount offer, you also need to find a way to capture those people, those leads with retargeting. You also want to collect emails so that you have a way to follow up with those people and that you do not just throw that money away by hoping those people come back. You want to create a system that is in able to follow up with your discounted system. 
And...I know it sounds confusing to do. First, you want to break it down to support what you're giving away at a discount or free service. Remember your goal is to gain more customers, patients, or clients. If you're not able to capture their information or a way to follow up with those people, you could potential he be losing more money then you would unnecessarily by obtaining data and information. See how to create a follow-up sequence.
To the best way to create your "bait" is look at your overall services your products. Ask yourself, what are you willing to create an order to create interest? You want to create an opportunity where someone has a hard time saying no to your offer. Second, the best way to create your bait is to examine all of your services and products. Creating an irresistible offer that they have to take action. Discover what are you willing to build interest for your business.
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