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What's Your Sales Process?
How To Ascend People Up Your Value Ladder
Surprisingly, a lot of small businesses do not have a sales process to bring clients, customers or patients along a sale's cycle. One time I was speaking to a small group of Dentist and they were shocked at the idea to introduce new services to their clients as they were seeing them.
How hard would it be to ask someone, I noticed you had some stains, you drink coffee, right? Well, if you'd like to remove some of the stains we have a new and effective teeth whitening kit that you might be interested in, and it cost $350.

Unethical? No way....if I like and trust my dentist, I'm going to listen to their suggestions and allow them to solve my 
At first, I thought they did not like the idea of offering whitening services as an "upsell" but I soon realized these Dentists never thought of the idea of actually providing someone a service that the client did not initially request or immediately need.

stained teeth issue. In the internet marketing world, we refer that as an upsell, but the reality is the dentist is providing a service for their clients while taking them up their value ladder. 

So have you thought about your sale's process? What steps do you walk your customer through to ascend them up for your higher priced services? Remember, these tips offer a solution that will benefit the consumer with real value. Creating fake value for someone who does not need it is unethical and down right wrong. 
Take a step back and think about your products or services, and see how you can create different offers, packages or services to enhance the ability first to give value, and second to help your bottom line. Take for example a struggling Dentist sees that someone would benefit from a new night guard or retainer. You could take a $150 teeth cleaning up to $500 if they agreed to pay the additional $350 for the retainer.

Here's another example. I was getting some touch-up body work done on my car. The professional looked at the car and could see the same damage. Instead of offering to buff out any scratches for more money, I had to ask him for additional services. If you're the professional, I shouldn't have to wait for additional services. Offer your expert opinion to help them out which may include an upsell for your business.
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