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Re-targeting Ads
How To Follow Your Visitors Around The Web
What is re-targeting? Take, for example, a friend goes shopping online or maybe doing a little research for a new TV. When the friend looks at any individual products, the website tags them as someone interested in a new television. They will start to receive offers for the same or similar products as they traverse across the web.
They're able to tell gender, income, social preferences, political bias, and more. Now all this information is collected and gathered online so that we can incorporate into our advertising campaigns. This information can be utilized by markers or you the business owners like you. 

Whether you think it's right or wrong, the reality is online is monitoring is almost everywhere and in everything we do online on some level. The major search engines can come up and create algorithms that can determine the type of consumer you are. 

So, now all this data is available to you. The fundamental question is, are you going to take a vantage of it? You may be wondering how it is that you as a small business owner can pick somebody out and target them specifically for your products or services? And one of the easiest ways to do this is to add a code on your website where we then "cookie" that person who's already shown interest in your services. 

Once you have this code and they reach certain pages on your site, we will then present them with a different image or video ad that you strategically planned with your advertising company. Imagine you go to a golf website to look at purchasing new clubs, and if I own that domain, I'm going to have a code on my website that's going to allow me to present various image ads on participating websites as you travel throughout the World Wide Web.
Now I know what some of you were probably thinking, this sounds too crazy. The reality is technology is now giving us the ability that used to reserved for large enterprises, now you can target like the big leagues. Small business owners can target then re-target you with various image ads for your services.

You have to remember that usually takes about seven times for the average person to take action before they purchase something, make a phone call, or visit your store before they do anything. So, that means you have to be in their face reminding them. Hey, you need an oil change! You need your teeth cleaned. Remember to wash your car (at my location). This type of technology is available for your products and services from accounting, coaching, or whatever it is you do. Now, the average small business person or entrepreneur can stay active in the minds of their ideal customers.

Now we know what re-targeting is, why do we need it?

How many times have you been driving and you see something that reminds you, oh my gosh I need to get more milk or new shoes or something else. Well, the same principle applies to people who are looking for your services including your existing customer base. Being able to re-target your customers increases your brand visibility. It makes you appear to be a larger, more credible, and trustworthy because you have a system of advertising that is not readily available to the average business person.
So, if you'd like to figure out how you can re-target customers for your business leave your name and email address in the opt-in section below. Someone from our team will help structure a strategic plan of re-targeting your consumers based on the individual needs of your business. 

One of the major benefits of re-targeting is it allows you to reduce your costs by not having to pay for what is called cost per click or CPC. And those who are already paying for advertising through Google Bing Yahoo or any other search engine, they bid on certain dollar amounts for certain keywords. 
So imagine you're a plastic surgeon and if you want to get more clients who are looking to get say...a breast augmentation. One of the things you can do is pay the major search engines to appear at the top of the search results hoping somebody clicks on your ad versus an organic search result.
Here you can see the cost per click (cpc) can range were one click can cost as much as $180 per click. So every time somebody clicks on your ad, you're paying $180 every time.  Let's play with the math: 

500 clicks x (say Just $35)= $17,500
500 clicks x $15.00 = $7500
500 clicks x $8.00 = $4000

Now if you are already spending that type of money for your advertising, the better question is why aren't you returning to those people with a follow-up image or video ad to remind them of your services.

The whole process of re-targeting can get very confusing and overwhelming, but the goal for you as an individual is not to take this on individually, but to hire a company or individual that you feel I can handle this process for you. 

You should come up with the ad strategy of re-targeting and if you decide to use a CPC campaign or any other advertising process or email retarded it will only help your overall ad campaign process when you re-target those people to come to your website and your landing pages.

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