Entrepreneur/Coach Basics
Advertising is a must, but you must make sure you're ready to capture leads. Whether you use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram,Youtube, Twitter, SnapChat.  Before You Spend Money Advertising You Should Have The Following...
Must Haves
  •  Website: Obviously this is a must have!  You need the ability to Brand Yourself & Offers with your special message. More importantly is having the RIGHT website which can end up hurting you more than you know. See what website builder should I use 
  •  Selling A Book? This is a great way to establish your credibility in your field. This will separate the lookers from people who really need your help & services. Click Here For A Book Funnel For Free
  • Optin Page or Squeeze Page: A web page that allows you to collect leads by connecting it to your email list or autoresponder. Now w/your optin page you should have different ones for different offers & build your customer list. See What's Your Bait
  •  Retargeting Pixel: A code placed on your website to put your image ads in front of your previous visitors.  It takes someone 7 times to see your ad before they take action, so why not remind them how great you are. See Ad Retargeting
  •  Web Platforms: Social Syndication Allows You To Use Your Social Properties To Share Your Offers, Information, & Improve Your Outreach.
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So how to you take someone 
Admittedly, I did not want to pay a monthly fee for a website builder so throughout the years I tried mixing and matching different web builders, themes, and hosting options that ended in wasted time, energy, and extreme frustration.

One time I was trying to changes a heading in a premium WordPress theme that didn't look quite right. So I kept redoing the heading size, font, and colors but I would have to save to view the changes to see how I liked or didn't like their final product. I made one heading that looked fine in the editor but then misaligned the whole sentence which resulted in me wishing I never touched the changes in the first place.
Don't get me wrong; I love the ease to make blog articles that are SEO optimized and can be syndicated across the web but what happens if you're not looking to blog...what if you want to create different opt-in pages, order forms, launch pages, membership sites, or webinars. If you are serious about creating a process, the answer I've been the happiest is Click Funnels.

One of the best parts about their services allows you to try it for free. You can test the product before you buy it for two weeks for free. If you ever used any other builder, you will soon see why it is best hands down website builder that can change with your business.
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Like An Ad Campaign For Your Business?
  • Social Media
  • Websites
  • Email Marketing
  • Flyers
  • Newspaper
  • Blog Articles
  • Radio Ads
  • Television
What's Your Sale's Process?
Every Business Has A Sales Cycle
Time To Consider Your Value Ladder
Business Mindset & Training
Establish You & Your Business As An Expert: 
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Social Media Help For Small Business
Every Business Has A Sales Cycle
Time To Consider Your Value Ladder
Social Media Help For Small Business
What Is Your Social Footprint
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