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Your Business Reputation
Tips, Tricks, & Hacks To Keep Your 5 Star Reputation
Your reputation is a direct reflection of your business and what everyone thinks about your products and services. Nothing hurts more than seeing a bad review when you work so hard to grow a stellar reputation. It is important to have a strategy to protect, promote, and increase your business reputation presence online.
Three key rep tips that will help you sustain your business when it comes to online reviews.
know which review site your customer will use. Imagine someone Google’s your services, and they see a negative Google review and decide not to call or go to your business. Many people think, well I have an excellent reputation on X website and that is sufficient for their reputation, but nothing can be further from the truth. 
1.Be aware of your online reputation across the various online platforms. Hundreds of websites compile reviews in different niches. Unfortunately, most business owners are only concerned with one major review site like a Yelp.

While this may seem good in philosophy, it lacks the ability to 
The average person does not have the time and patience to check different directories in order confirm how accurate a review may be. The majority of people who will investigate all your reviews are those that are making large purchases, going to receive some treatment, and have the time. Even after one’s research, that one unanswered negative review can stop a person from taking action.  
Worrying about the unknown reviews can be combated through a reputation monitoring service.

2. You protect your reputation by going above the ordinary and keeping in touch with your customers.

A.Treat your customers the way you would want to be treated, imagine if you were in their shoes.

B. Give excellent customer service, and create opportunities to be able to reach out to your clients especially after they leave your services.

3. Instead of just watching your reviews grow, use them to let other people know how awesome other people think about your services through reputation marketing.
Reputation Marketing is the combination of reputation management and marketing. It helps present your business to potential your customers and target audience you're a market leader. Reputation marketing helps get more positive reviews from customers, who in turn influence other people to use your services and products.

Realize your reputation can positively impact your bottom line if nurtured to blossom. If ignored, you can run into of having a problem that you hope goes away. But like a bad tooth or something wrong with your car, if ignored it will only cause more problems down the road. Learn how you can quickly get started to build an excellent reputation across multiple platforms

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