Traffic = Customers
Learn How to Drive People To Your Specific Offer
What is Traffic? When it come to the internet and your business, traffic means people. So when you hear anyone speak about generating traffic, they're talking about individuals (people) who looked or are looking for your content and offers.
Then you can ask the question would my avatar "Mary, Joe, or Mike" like this, etc. 

The more you think like your avatar, the easier your decisions are in almost every aspect of your business. 

What traffic source do you want to use? When we are first starting off, it is easy to say every traffic source available, but that would be a big mistake that most new business owners make out of desperation. 
So how do you drive people to see your offer to get more "traffic?" Well before you can generate the traffic you have to know who you are targeting.

1. Develop your avatar of your ideal customer. Who are you willing to serve, what are the characteristics of the people that you want to help? Break down that person to their every fiber of their being...
2. Pick a source of traffic to master or farm out to someone else who already has. Each source of traffic YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Websites, Video, Image Ads, emails, text messages, and more (see traffic sources) will have its challenges and its unique features that are not easily mastered without learning what works best for your particular offer.
Once, you've decided to focus on one traffic source and you've tested the waters...What must you do next? 3. Optimize your traffic for the best conversion and effective outreach. If you're a small business owner, who can't afford to throw away $5000 plus a month on testing it is important to fine-tune your advertising methods to give you the greatest return on your investment.
One way to help improve those offers is to re-target those who have already been to your page (See Understand Re-targeting).

Now that you have chosen a traffic source for your avatar, you've optimized and tested different methods. You have to question what is the irresistible offer to help someone take action. See more: "What Is Your Bait."
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