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Benefits Of Ad Banner Advertising
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I was surprised to find out how many people were not aware what ad banner advertising is. So to help people understand I thought it would be a good idea to write about it.

target specific websites in geographical areas. See who's your avatar 

So imagine you're a dentist or an author and you've noticed that your customers tend to go to certain websites. Now what you can do is Target your ad on that particular internet site. And then those sites can be narrowed 
Ad banner advertising is the portion of its images and video ad that typically is on the right side at the bottom or within individual articles across the Internet. What you can do with a banner advertising is create an offer through an image add that can speak specifically to your target audience (see my target audience).

One of the great things about web banner advertising is it gives you the ability to 
down by niche, they can be narrowed down to almost any website, but then you have to focus on your targeting of who you're going after 

Because you don't want to overspend and show your image or your videos to people who cannot take avenge of your offer, maybe they do not live near your business, or they may not even fit the criteria of your ideal customer or avatar. Take, for example; you're trying to isolate your salon services to only women. If you do not target the difference of maybe someone's age or gender, then you can target certain websites that already geared to attract certain people like Men's Health vs. Glamour. Each has their own demographic that already reads those articles, so there is not the need to over-optimize your ads when you are aware who visits those websites.
So advanced ad banner advertising can be a very powerful means to remind people of your services, to tell people about your products, and to create opportunities for new offers, and most importantly to get people to come into your doors on the web or in person. 

A lot of times people don't realize that they're being marketed to all the time. When someone goes to various websites that they like whether its to get information on real estate or just pure entertainment, almost every website, blog, and search engine has a means of marketing to individuals. That's the bad news.

The GOOD news is we (small businesses) also have the ability to take banner ads or video ads for your company and create multi-tiered campaigns where we go after a certain demographic based on your particular needs.

So when it comes to banner ads, it's not just creating one ad and then hoping it sticks. Because the reality is you're not sure what's going to stick with in your offer. You may have people who are interested in your actual image and the opportunity presented within that banner advertisement, but you don't know how their going to take action on the landing page.
Advertising has become a pseudo-science of psychology and science combined where you were trying to figure out what systems, offers, and images are going to convert best to get people to become your clients, your patients, and customers.

In any advertising like a banner advertisement, it's good to create the ability to split test and show somebody an initial offer in 1 to 4 days, then follow up with another but different image ads in the 3 to 7 days. You now have the ability to present that same person with another image creating a new opportunity or used for branding purposes. 
 Maybe you're showcasing your positive reputation or benefits? So it when comes to your advertisement, it's more than a selling opportunity. You are creating a system of offers and branding so you can build more trust and authority of your expertise in your particular field.

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