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Frustrated with trying to drive traffic to a family blog years ago...we discovered there were so many small business owners who were in the same boat. Learning about different methods to get people to see various offers became a passion, almost obsessed like a puzzle that had to be solved no matter what...and we did!
Most small business owners, coaches, entrepreneurs are so busy creating their product and tending to their daily business they don't have the time or the bandwidth to try and master advertising yet they're frustrated they're not getting the results they want.

With this obsession came a realization that there are three key elements for every business. 

1. Have a sales process to bring your customers through...also known as a sales funnel. 
2. You need people to see your offer, so you need traffic. Ideally create an irresistible offer so we can send people to that amazing offer.
3. An excellent reputation that people have grown to trust and love. 

Anything short of a stellar reputation is like running uphill when it comes to your all your advertising and funnels. 

Each business will have different needs to advertise their products and services. So how do you get your business and offers seen by your ideal customers? You target them with where they hang out whether it be on social media, websites, or search engines to present your offer(s).
Get Your Funnel Graffiti
Like To Create An Ad Campaign For Your Business?
  • Social Media
  • Websites
  • Email Marketing
  • Flyers
  • Newspaper
  • Blog Articles
  • Radio Ads
  • Television
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Every Business Has A Sales Cycle
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Establish You & Your Business As An Expert: 
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Social Media Help For Small Business
Every Business Has A Sales Cycle
Time To Consider Your Value Ladder
Social Media Help For Small Business
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